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With Cercon smart ceramics, all restorations can be shaped so naturally that they cannot be distinguished from your real teeth.

First impressions often determine what other people think of us. A beautiful smile can make all the difference. Understandably enough, then, why many people harbour a desire for crowns and bridges that are as unobtrusive as possible - and with Cercon smart ceramics, our new high-tech all-ceramic material, this wish can now be fulfilled. Cercon smart ceramics offers extremely natural aesthetics paired with excellent biocompatibility. This website offers you all the information you need about this no-nonsense, no-compromise treatment method.

Strong, attractive and compatible

There are not many materials, such as natural diamond, which combine exceptional beauty and strength. In dentistry, there has been continuous research and development to find materials suitable for dental prosthesis that are aesthetically acceptable, of sufficient strength and which are perfectly tolerated by the human body. For many years ceramic materials combined with metals have been used in dental restorations, ceramic to achieve the desired aesthetics, metal for strength.

A high-tech ceramic, Zirconium Oxide, is now available and has already been proven in many extreme situations such as heat shields in the Space Shuttle, brake disks for sports cars and the spherical heads of artificial hip joints. This high-tech ceramic has the potential to give prosthetic care a whole new image, because thanks to Cercon smart ceramics it can now be used in dentistry.

With the Cercon system, all-ceramic crowns and bridges of up to four units can be made in the incisal and molar regions. In individual cases, depending on the gap of the bridged teeth, even bridges of up to six units are possible. Additional dental applications are already in the testing phase and are just awaiting test results.

Sheer high-tech brilliance for the best results

Until now, zirconium oxide could only be processed at great expense because of its exceptional hardness and was thus prohibitive for use as a dental prosthesis.

As the result of progress of a research project carried out by the renowned Zurich Federal Institute of Technology, is it now possible to use this material economically in dental technology.

A wax form or model of your “new teeth” is created in the dental laboratory, to the precise specifications provided by your dentist. This wax form serves as the pattern from which a computer-aided milling unit creates your crown or bridge from a solid zirconium oxide blank.

A ceramic veneer in your individual tooth colours is then applied to the milled zirconium oxide unit to achieve the desired characteristics and natural looking appearance. The Cercon system operates safely and flawlessly, with everything coming from one source – DeguDent.

If you would like to learn more about the fascinating steps involved in creating a dental restoration from Cercon smart ceramics, please contact your dentist or his dental technical laboratory.

Kind to body and teeth in every way

Did you know that the skin on your back is around 15 times more sensitive than the mucous membrane (or tissues) in your mouth? For this reason allergy tests are often performed on an individual’s back. The test results with our neutral ceramic are clear and according to our current knowledge, there should not be any adverse reaction to Cercon smart ceramics even in the most sensitive of people. In the extensive literature available on zirconium oxide, no individual cases of allergic reaction have been reported to date. Possible interactions with any metals contained in existing dental prostheses will also be excluded. Your Cercon restoration will therefore promote your well being and keep you healthy.

Other important properties of a Cercon restoration are very positive for the wearer. The surfaces of the veneering porcelain Cercon ceram S ensure reduced plaque adhesion and thus support good oral hygiene.

What’s more, your all-ceramic restoration will have an excellent insulating effect and you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant sensations with hot or cold meals and drinks.

Cercon smart ceramics may also enable more gentle treatment with less tooth preparation, thanks to the excellent hardness qualities of zirconium oxide your dentist may be able to preserve more healthy tooth substance – depending on the individual initial situation.

Zirconium oxide has already been used in medical applications for nearly 20 years and as a result of long-term observations, the material may also now be safely recommended for the sensitive oral cavity. 

Set value on true quality

In addition to a better appearance there are other features that determine the result and longevity of your investment that serve as a particular standard for quality. With Cercon smart ceramics, these quality standards are not just met but re-established. A Cercon dental restoration makes no compromises in aesthetics, compatibility, durability and function.

Natural Colour and Shape

As the term “all-ceramic” already suggests, Cercon smart ceramics requires no metal framework. This offers a great advantage for your restoration’s aesthetics, because the milled zirconium oxide substructure is white in colour. The milled unit is further modelled using Cercon ceram® veneering porcelain to blend with the existing adjacent teeth in your mouth in both shape and colour, giving the restoration its very natural appearance.

With the additional advantage of having maximum stability thanks to its strength in thin sections, Cercon restorations can be well integrated to follow the natural contours of your mouth. Together with your natural teeth, a harmonious overall appearance can be achieved that makes as good an impression as your own teeth.